Moon Pool


The work began with the idea of an 'enchanted forest' with associations of magic, myth and folklore; the forest as a place to wander with the imagination. The waves of the relief sculpture were cast directly from an impression left on a sandy beach at low tide; fluid sea turned to solid, a silver pool to stand upon.

The ‘pool’ is surrounded by lines of poetry, specially commissioned from the writer Janice Galloway, which from a distance, merge to form a water mark or tide line.

Commissioned and managed by the Tyrebagger Trust with funding from: Scottish Arts Council National Lottery Fund, Forest Enterprise (an agency of the Forestry Commission), Aberdeen City Council, Scottish Enterprise (Grampian), Aberdeen Countryside Project Ltd.

Cast bronze sculpture (approx. 2m diameter)
Text engraved on vinyl bands, wrapped around trees

Further info:

Photography: Michael Wolchover