A site specific installation in Stromness harbour, Orkney.

The idea was to make a constantly changing work that is seen and concealed by the rise and fall of the tide.

The cylinder is filled with water transported from Venice, like a test tube or a core sample, measuring and revealing the different waters, North with South. Apart from showing the potential beauty of water, the ‘source’ project raises issues concerning international communication and environmental implications of industry, energy and transportation. As a result, part of the project involved scientific analysis and tests of both waters.

Work made in collaboration with Italian based artist Matthew Broussard.

Installation with acrylic cylinder (300x 60cm), glass vessels, Venetian water, video projection, print of water analysis, wall drawing of map, galvanised bucket.

Commissioned by The Pier Arts Centre, Stromness as part of The Constant Moment - a project funded by the Scottish Arts Council Millennium Fund, Orkney Islands Council, The Henry Moore Foundation and Orkney Enterprise.

Photography: Anne Bevan/ Michael Wolchover