Working in a variety of media, Anne Bevan’s sculpture and installations explore invisible or hidden structures that are part of everyday life; the flow of water through pipe systems, the movement of the tide, objects uncovered from the history of obstetrics and modern birth practice. She exposes and reveals spaces, forms and methods normally unseen by us, but which are fundamental to our daily environment and existence. She is fascinated in water, energy, place, the physical nature of material.

Anne has often collaborated with other artists, composers, performers and writers, including several projects with the writer Janice Galloway. An important part of her research involves working with people from other disciplines such as medicine, science and industry.

Recent projects include working with renewable energy experts, with a focus on wave and tidal energy; another involves research into sand particles, collaborating with scientists to examine the microscopic properties of sand in relation to geology and time.

Anne is originally from Orkney where she continues to have strong links. She is based in Edinburgh and is a lecturer in the School of Sculpture at Edinburgh College of Art.